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Sensaphone CELL682 Wireless Alarms

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Inputs 6 analog inputs and 8 dry contact inputs
Alarm Notifications E-mail messages, cell phone and pager text messages and custom voice phone calls
Outputs 2 relay
Special Features The Cell682 is packaged for outdoor use in a Nema-4X housing, and even includes battery backup. A website is provided for status, history, alarm response programming, and manual output control


The latest addition to the Sensaphone wireless series of remote monitoring solutions is the Cell682. It can be placed at a remote, unmanned facility to detect a variety of potential equipment problems, and can even perform some output control. It uses standard cellular technology to communicate with the Sensaphone servers. If a telephone line is not already in place, the cellular communications in the Sensaphone Cell682 can provide a convenient, reliable, and cost effective method to monitor a remote facility.

The Sensaphone Cell682 provides an assortment of sensor input options to handle many different types of sensors and conditions to monitor. Two relay outputs are also included in the Cell682 for local control.

A full alarm history is available on the CELL682 website

Status of all conditions are available anytime online

Sensaphone CELL682 Introduction


Sensaphone CELL682 Manual
Sensaphone CELL682 Brochure
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