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TraceTek System Components

TT-HDC hold down clips are plastic cable clips that can be attached to floors or other surfaces. The 1/4" TT-HDC-1/4 are for use with TT1000 and TT3000 sensor cables, while the TT-HDC-1/2 are for use with TT5000 and TT5001 sensor cables. The 1/4 inch clips are available with or without adhesive mounting tape.
Type JC jumper cable is a halar jacketed, plenum rated cable used for interconnecting between separated sections of TraceTek sensor cable. TT-JC is available in bluk form (connectors must be ordered separately), or in a variety of modular forms with pre-installed connectors. Contact your TraceTek distributor for details.
Simulated 15 ft (4.5m) of sensing cable. Makes a clear division between separate areas in a locating system.
Modular branch connectors are used to create Tee branches in the TraceTek sensor circuits. TT-MBCs are available in various types to match the sensor connector and jumper cable.
Modular end terminations are available in either type MC (shown) or type PC form. These end terminations are required at the end of each TraceTek sensor circuit and each sensor branch circuit.
Leader cables are provided with sensor cable connectors on one end, with the other end ready for connection to the terminal blocks in a TraceTek alarm module. Leader cables are available in several styles, including halar jacketed and urethane jacketed cable and type PC or type MC connectors. Contact your TraceTek distributor for details.
These tags can be attached to the TraceTek cables, branching connectors, or other components to identify them as part of a TraceTek Leak Detection system. The mapping distance (for use with leak locating modules such as the TTDM-PLUS and the TTSIM) can be written on the tag to help find the location of a leak.