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Sensaphone CELL682 Features

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6 Analog Inputs:

  • Can accept any 4-20mA analog transducer.
  • Input range can be custom scaled to measure in real engineering units.
  • Thermistors can be connected directly to accurately measure temperature.

8 Dry Contact Inputs:

  • Each channel can be normally open or normally closed.
  • Any input can be configured to accumulate run time.

2 Relay Outputs:

  • Manually controlled through website.
  • Automatically switched when an alarm occurs.
  • Built in duplex pump control logic.
  • Alarms can automatically initiate an output response to a different location.

Alarm Notification:

    When an input channel detects an alarm, or out of range condition, there is an immediate communication from the Cell682 out to the redundant Sensaphone servers to process the alarm. The appropriate people are then contacted immediately by the Sensaphone servers using the following methods:

    • E-mail messages
    • Cell phone and pager text messages
    • Custom voice phone calls