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Sensaphone WSG30 Wireless Sensor Gateway

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Inputs Up to 30 Wireless Sensors - Dry Contact - Normally Open /Normally Closed, Temperature - 2.8K Thermistor, Water detection, Humidity, Power Failure, 4-20mA Current Loop, 12-Bit Resolution
Alarm Notifications 8 Alarm escalation levels, E-Mail, Text Message, SNMP Trap, Comprehensive scheduling per input, user, and alarm destination
Special Features Web Programmable


Introducing the new Sensaphone Wireless Sensor Gateway system. The WSG30 is a unique wireless sensor monitoring system that can be used in more than one way. As a standalone system, it can monitor a variety of conditions from the wireless sensors and directly notify the appropriate personnel by sending e-mails and text messages. The convenience of having wireless sensors allows you to move your sensors around while tracking down heat problems within a data center. The WSG30 is perfect for monitoring refrigerators and freezers for food and medical applications where running wires may be inconvenient or costly.

The WSG30 can also be used within an existing industrial automation system and communicate directly with existing HMI software using the Modbus protocol. Sensor and transducer values can be sent wirelessly to the WSG30 main unit and then directly into your automation software. In addition to supplying live wireless sensor information to your existing automation software, the WSG30 can still independently send e-mail and text message alarm notifications at the same time.

Up to 30 wireless sensors can be monitored by the WSG30 in addition to automatic power failure alarm detection and diagnostic alarms. All sensors are supervised with their battery level reported and monitored.

If any sensor has a low battery or drops offline, a diagnostic alarm is generated and users are contacted. A rechargeable battery backup is also built in.

Sensaphone WSG30 Functional Diagram


Sensaphone WSG30 Manual
Sensaphone WSG30 Brochure
Sensaphone WSG30 Datasheet
WSG Wireless Temperature Sensor Brochure
WSG Wireless Temperature Sensor with External Probe Brochure (833KB)
WSG Wireless Humidity Sensor Brochure
WSG Wireless Spot Water Sensor Brochure
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WSG Wireless Power Failure Sensor Brochure
WSG Wireless Dry Contact Sensor Brochure
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