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SensaVIDEO provides an easy way to bring real time sensor values into your existing video surveillance system

The all new SensaVideo system connects to your existing DVR just like any other security camera. Instead of displaying an image from a camera, it provides a computer generated image of real world information. This allows you to incorporate much more than security into your existing system. By adding the SensaVideo system, you can watch over other critical conditions. 

  • In retail stores - add temperature monitoring to freezers.
  • In industrial locations - add tank level monitoring, flow rates, pressures, and more.
  • In Medical facilities – add temperature monitoring to tissue storage, vaccine storage, and other sensitive medical items.
  • In museums - add humidity and temperature sensing.
  • Monitor critical conditions in a server room like cabinet temperature, humidity, power failure, water on the floor, smoke, fire, and more.
  • Click here for a functioning diagram

All within your existing video surveillance system!

The SensaVideo system includes a built-in web server for configuration and setup. You can even leave it connected to your computer network to add live web status and data logging in addition to the live video status. When a sensor goes out of its programmed range, an alarm is generated by creating motion in a specific area of the video image. In addition to the motion alarm, it can even send e-mails and text messages to notify the appropriate personnel of the alarm condition.

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